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Pomona Park is a nice place to live, with friendly people, lakes and parks, in a sunny rural Florida Paradise.  The Town of Pomona Park has many recreational facilities and parks.  We are proud to be a Tree City USA town and a .  The Town received the 2014 Regional Quality of Life Award from Northeast Florida Regional Council.


Applications for Community Development Block Grant Housing Rehabilitation can be accessed here.


Mission Statement for

The Town of Pomona Park

Approved by Unanimous Council Vote 10/9/2012

Whereas; the citizens of Pomona Park decided to incorporate The Town of Pomona Park in 1894,

Therefore; the following Mission Statement is proposed.

 The Town of Pomona Park exists to keep local tax money used for local purposes.

 The Town of Pomona Park exists to keep local decisions made locally.

The Town Council of the Town shall be interested and receptive to input from the residents regarding local decisions and shall remain diligent in deciding how best to satisfy local preferences in a budget efficient manner.

The Town focus shall be to maintain the public parks in a manner that encourages use and public gatherings.

The Town Beautification Committee shall use its resources to encourage all businesses and residents to keep their properties neat, clean and attractive.


We are located on US Highway 17, south of Satsuma, north of Crescent City and east of WelakaPalatka, East Palatka and San Mateo are north of us.  Lake Como and Georgetown are  South of us.  Click here for an area map.

Our Code of Ordinances and our Comprehensive Plan are now available online.  Here is a link to the 1994 Standard Housing Code.

Here is a link to our most recent audit.

    We encourage residents to participate in all Town Functions.  Please check our calendar, town events and parks pages frequently for updates.

Our County has an award winning Chamber of Commerce.  Their website is putnamcountychamber.com

Our local newspapers are the Putnam County Courier Journal and the Palatka Daily News.


History of Pomona Park    

A brief history of Pomona Park:  By Marjorie F. Jacob*, Town Clerk - September 19, 2001

“Pomona” was incorporated more than 25 years after a group of settlers moved here after the Civil war.  Many of those settlers were Union soldiers who had served in the area during the war.

In the late 19th century, Pomona (Park), a small settlement of about 75 families, was noted for its citrus, grape vineyards, farm produce and long leaf yellow pine.  The combination of the fertile soil and year-round warm temperatures produced abundant fruit-bearing groves.  In 1887, there were 85 orange groves with more than 14,000 bearing trees and 27,250 nursery stock.  There were 2,000 peach trees and 651 acres in cultivation.  After the freeze of 1895 many grove owners moved away, leaving their homes, barns and farming equipment behind.

Incorporated in 1889 - Recorded in the Incorporation Book, pages 7, 8, and 9, in the Putnam County Courthouse, Palatka, Florida as town of POMONA.  (Filed for record on May 24, 1894, recorded on May 26, 1894.)

“Pomona” was named after the Roman Goddess of fruit trees, usually depicted as holding fruit and a pruning knife.  In the first half of the 20th Century there were many citrus groves here.  Today, Produce Farm & Groves is located inside the Town limits.  They are the largest commercial citrus grove this far north in Florida.  They provide fresh fruit to public school students in 3 counties.  They also grow and market vegetables, persimmons and peaches. The town’s original seal depicted a mature fruit-bearing tree, with the date of 1894 under it and surrounded by a double circle with the words within the circle: “Town of Pomona” at the top and “Deo Duce” at the bottom.  (Deo Duce is Latin for “God our Leader”.)

The old packing house on the north end of town was opened in 1913 by W.S. Middleton, for packing citrus for shipping.  In 1945, Clyde D. Middleton was one of the pioneers in the development of frozen orange juice concentrate.   

In 1945, the Town’s name was officially changed to POMONA PARK (the “Park” was added because mail addressed to “Pomona”, Florida and the mail addressed to “Pompano”, Florida were often incorrectly delivered; however, this name change did not solve the problem, because about that same time Pompano changed its name to Pompano Beach, and postal workers seeing the added names for each town, still resulted in improperly sorted mail.  It helped some when zip codes were added to the mailing address, but the mail once in a while still gets missent between these two towns).  The Governor approved this name change on May 17, 1945, filed in the Office of the Secretary of State on May 17, 1945.  Chapter 23496 - No. 981 - Laws of Florida.  (House Bill No. 423.)

In 1963, the Town’s name was officially changed to TOWN OF POMONA PARK and became a law without the Governor’s approval.  Filed in the Office of the Secretary of State on July 10, 1963.  Chapter 63-1825 Laws of Florida.  (House Bill No. 2435.) 

The most recent Charter revision was adopted at the local poll during the April 24, 2001 Town Election (there was not a name change this time).  Since our 1963 Charter was adopted, many laws and changes have occurred.  Our new Charter better enables us to go forward into this century.

An old (1890’s) two-story schoolhouse was deeded to Pomona near the end of the 19th Century.  The building was donated to The Town of Pomona Park from the trustees of the Pomona School House of Pomona (Warranty Deed filed and recorded December 30, 1899 in Deed Book 37, page 137).  About 1939 the building was renovated by the WPA, making it a one-story structure.  Since 1939, the building was no longer used as a school and became the “Town Hall” which was used for many years for family gatherings, local organizational meetings and for the Town Council Meetings.  The Schoolhouse/Town Hall/Community Center building is still being used for family gatherings, local organizations, etc.  But, since 1984 the Town Council Meetings have been held in the renovated “old” Pomona Park Volunteer Fire Station #10 (the VFD was replaced/relocated in new quarters nearby).  On December 9, 1986 the name changes were officially made to change the old “Town Hall” to the “Community Center” and the old “Volunteer Fire Station” became the “Town Hall.”

The Town of Pomona Park has a Mayor/Council form of government.  Pomona Park has the distinction of being the first Florida town to have a woman elected as Mayor.  Eula E. Dunn was duly elected and sworn into the office of mayor in 1928, serving until 1933.

Within the Town of Pomona Park’s 3+ square miles lies a portion of Lake Broward, a large and beautiful lake.  According to information made available to the Town in 2014, Lake Broward has fissures that supply water from the aquifer.  Sometimes the lake water is much cooler than other nearby lakes due to the depth of the lake.  Lake Broward is classified by Florida LAKEWATCH (1-800-525-3928) as a clear, acid, oligotrophic lake of low mineral content because it receives the majority of its water from direct rainfall and surface/subsurface inflow through well-drained soils.   

The population has remained steady over the years near 900 residents.  The town is home to three Churches, a Head Start School, a Community Center, a Post Office and four public parks.

*minor editorial updates have been added in 2011, 2013 & 2014


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To obtain information or register a complaint regarding Fair Housing, Equal Employment Opportunity or Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact Cindy Hair, Town Clerk, at (386) 649-4902.

The Town of Pomona Park has adopted a fair housing ordinance to prohibit discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing of dwellings, and in other housing-related transactions, based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, familial status, and handicap.


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