Join us at the Community Center for Turkey and sides. Bring your family and a side dish or dessert to share!
WITH GREAT SADNESS...I have to report the Spay/Neuter Program has been suspended due to lack of volunteers to transport cats to/from Jacksonville. They are having to turn the van back in. A couple folks at SPAN (South Putnam Animal Network) resigned for personal reasons and SPAN needs both young and old men/women to volunteer! If you are able to assist, please email the SPAN team and: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Get involved with your Community and help out! Support SPAN any way you can! Here are upcoming events: *FUR & FIRE: Crescent City Volunteer Fire Dept. and SPAN'S 5th Annual Dinner Fundraiser. $7.00 each - dine in or carry out! Chili & Hotdogs with all the toppings, corbread, slaw, dessert and drink!!! Get your tickets early! Ask the Crescent City Fire Dept., Crescent City Flower Shop, or any SPAN Member for tickets. WHEN: OCT. 13, 2018 - 4PM-7PM WHERE: 201 N. SUMMIT STREET *Support SPAN's booth at Pomona Park's 'EVERYBODY'S HAVING A YARD SALE' on Saturday, November 3 (they will be at the Cow Catcher's grassy area). WHEN: NOV. 3, 2018 - 8AM UNTIL ___ WHERE: Pomona Park - Highway 17
TO ALL CAT OWNERS IN THE TOWN LIMITS OF POMONA PARK!!! We are part of a very small grant that is allowing us to trap cats and SPAN (South Putnam Animal Network) then takes them to Jacksonville to be 'fixed', clips a small portion of one of their ears, and returns them in the traps to the Town. THIS GRANT WAS RECEIVED BY CRESCENT CITY and they are sharing it with Pomona Park and Welaka. What then happens is someone from the Town picks them back up and releases them in the EXACT spot where we trapped them. We leave food with them and they are on their way - either back to your home or as feral cats - simply fixed. NOTE: The small 'snip' on the ear is not painful, nor are they hurt. It is simply to notify all involved that if we trap the cat again, we will release as it tells everyone that the cat has been fixed (from Animal Control, Vets, etc.) Again, please take care of your animals. These Grants can do just so much. We are very appreciative of them and to Crescent City for sharing!
POMONA PARK - UPDATE OF 9-28-18: ALL Residents within the Town limits need to be aware of the following: 1) A pack of dogs (at least 4) have been reported by several residents, trolling the West side of Town at NIGHT! This area is West of Highway 17 and includes the entire area but moreso, around W. Main, Keown, Ridge, Hill, A & B Streets. Further, there is a German Shepherd that roams all day long on Railroad and W. Main. This dog chases vehicles and ran into someones brand new vehicle, causing damage to the vehicle and the dog walked away unharmed. Our Code Enforcement Team are in the process of contact this particular dogs owner(s) to get this dog in a fenced yard or left in the home. Next, 2 weeks ago, a white neuf that was let to roam the streets, was shot and killed by an unknown party. Please know these dogs have done a great deal of damage, not only by killing a goat, 2 cats, but also damaging vehicles. When dogs get into a pack, as these have, there is a trigger that goes off in their brains and they can become vicious. 1) DO NOT let your dogs loose AT ANY TIME! 2) KNOW that there have been serious threats by residents that they will SHOOT these dogs if they continue to cause mayhem. 3) This pack of dogs gather at night. 4) WE ALL MUST BE RESPONSIBLE AND TAKE CARE OF OUR ANIMALS!!! THEY MUST BE FENCED, IN YOUR YARDS, AT ALL TIMES. BETTER YET, BRING THEM INSIDE YOUR HOME AT NIGHT! 5) The Town is very limited as to how we can assist with this. We are not at work in the evenings and depend on EVERYONE to take responsibility to watch out for each other, our properties, etc. 6) If you cannot afford to tend to your animals, give them a break and give them away. BE RESPONSIBLE! 7) We have many children and elderly alike in Pomona Park and as a Town, stick together to protect everyone to the best of our ability.
IT'S TIME TO RESERVE YOUR BOOTH! The Pomona Park Beautification Committee is holding their Annual "EVERYBODY'S HAVE A YARD SALE"...SATURDAY, NOV. 3! Pass the word, it's time to reserve your space! Flyers will be in the Crescent City Courier Journal on Oct. 17! MARK THE DATE AND RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW. Call Joyce @ 1.386.213.0836

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