10-9-18: WE ARE TRAPPING CATS AGAIN! On Oct. 4, I wrote telling all that SPAN was stopping the cat trap/neuter/release as they didn't have enough help. Well... A lot of volunteers have stepped up to the plate to drive to/from Jacksonville with the cats...just so we didn't lose the Grant money. Again, Crescent City is allowing us to fly on their coat tails as they received the Grant. Thank you Crescent City! Angie DePotter, a big 'Thank You' goes to you for all your help getting this going again! AMAZING. Crescent City Flower Shop gets SERIOUS kudos for facilitating this project! With that said, we put 5 traps out on A, B, and Pleasant. Matt and Al went out this morning to check the traps. They trapped 3 cats and...A BOBCAT! I wish I had been there as Matt said he opened the cage and the cat flew out one way and he flew the other! Again, if you see any cats that have a clipped ear, that means it has been 'fixed'. Because of the bobcat, I caution everyone to tend to their animals. DON'T FORGET...Pomona Park Town Hall is collecting Pet Food donations now through mid-December. Food (wet and dry) and cash donations accepted). Please know all collected will be delivered to SPAN and other organizations involved in rescuing animals.

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