TO ALL CAT OWNERS IN THE TOWN LIMITS OF POMONA PARK!!! We are part of a very small grant that is allowing us to trap cats and SPAN (South Putnam Animal Network) then takes them to Jacksonville to be 'fixed', clips a small portion of one of their ears, and returns them in the traps to the Town. THIS GRANT WAS RECEIVED BY CRESCENT CITY and they are sharing it with Pomona Park and Welaka. What then happens is someone from the Town picks them back up and releases them in the EXACT spot where we trapped them. We leave food with them and they are on their way - either back to your home or as feral cats - simply fixed. NOTE: The small 'snip' on the ear is not painful, nor are they hurt. It is simply to notify all involved that if we trap the cat again, we will release as it tells everyone that the cat has been fixed (from Animal Control, Vets, etc.) Again, please take care of your animals. These Grants can do just so much. We are very appreciative of them and to Crescent City for sharing!