4/4/17: ***SEVERE FIRE DANGER THIS SUMMER***....Comparable to 1998! I was at a Board Meeting last evening and the Assistant Chief of Palatka was guest speaker. Below are things to remember: *Remove all debris from your roof/gutters; *Clear anything that will burn (garbage, debris, brush, etc.) a minimum of 50' from your home...100' is optimum; *DO NOT BURN until you call the Florida Division of Forestry - 352.395.4951; *Burn barrel is 'ok', but keep a close eye on it and have hose near by; *BE PREPARED: Have a bag prepared, including cat/dog food and bowls. Most importantly, if you do not already have a list of your medications prepared and with you, it's suggested you do that now, including dosage. Place a copy in your prepared bag and in your vehicle. *If the State/County/Fire and/or Law Enforcement mandate an evacuation - DO IT! *Take your pets with you as shelters will allow you. Leashes and crates are highly recommended; *Farm animals - if you have no time to place them elsewhere, open their pens and let them loose. Best to locate them safely rather than the alternative! These are just a few things to be aware of. As the season proceeds, I will have more updates. BE PREPARED...BE SAFE...AND DON'T FORGET YOUR MEDS AND FURRY FRIENDS!

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